Celebration of Music During Festive Times by Romil Ramgarhia

India is a land of cultural diversity. Historically, music contributed to our society in manifold ways. It upholds a meaning, using sound to articulate the order of the universe. Music forms a core part of all the festivities in our country. Be it mild or cacophonous, the symphony creates a sacred experience in our hearts.

Music is omnipresent, crossing socio-economic, religious, and linguistic boundaries. You can listen to different kinds of music like –

  • Traditional Hindustan melodies
  • Folk music
  • Contemporary Bollywood music
  •  Classical ragas, khayal, and ghazal.

Its deep integration with our cultural aesthetics makes it popular during big and small festive occasions.

As a media professional and content producer, I, Romil Ramgarhia, believe that the magic of music flows from heaven to the soul. In this writeup, I will share some enriching views about the prominence of music and its effect on Indian seasonal festivals.

Music and Harmony in Festivals 

Any festival is incomplete without the tune and melody of music. While the season of celebrations is upon us, we can associate it with music and musical instruments. In Bengal, Maa Durga is worshipped to the rolling beat of the “dhaak.” People follow this tradition with great enjoyment. They groove to the tune of impactful songs, which set the mood everywhere.  Dandiya and Garba is an important ritual of the Navaratri festival. People participate in music performances as a ritualistic practice while worshipping. The beats of the music capture the festive spirit and ambiance and enlighten our souls.

There are other festivals where people play or perform varied styles of music. Be it Holi, Janmashtami, Eid, Vaishakhi, Pongal, or Diwali, I think music holds a place of primacy everywhere. When you make music with instruments, it feels like magic to the ears.

The Modern Day Musical Uprising

Across the urban landscape, there is a rapid transformation in the way artists like us create music for people. With the rise of music apps and YouTube streaming, the dynamics have shifted to online listening. Music has now become accessible to the global masses at nominal rates. Even the music producers experiment with new festive sounds to enhance its charm.

The age-old gift of music has become an inseparable part of our lives. This way, it has gifted our country with different fairs and festivals. In India, we also host a number of music festivals to forage into this unique culture.

Music Festivals

The popular music festival circuits that you can visit are as follows –

  •  Sula fest

It takes place under the starlit skies of the Sula vineyard. For all visitors, it feels like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Hornbill festival

The Hornbill music festival in Nagaland lasts for seven days. The State Government of Nagaland arranges it to showcase the ethnic musical skills of the native tribes. It brings together different bands and musicians from many corners of the World.

  • Desert Festival

Held in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, this gala music festival renders an amazing experience for music lovers. It upholds the authentic Rajasthan culture with a concoction of musical excellence.

  • NH7 Weekender

One of the biggest music festivals, you can see performances of different artists. The line-up is a mix of traditional and contemporary singers. There are arrangements made for live music shows. For the music fans, this festival is bliss.

  • Dover Lane Music Festival

It is a huge Indian Classical musical meet held in West Bengal. It is a six-day occasion where various classical music artists perform soulful music. The primary motive of this festival is to increase’s the youth’s familiarity with traditional music.

  • ITC Sangeet Sammelan

It is another exceptional music festival held in different parts of the country. An esteemed occasion, the platform hosts talented singers who perform engaging classical music pieces.

Music forms a driving force behind every festival in our country. As a music creator myself, I believe the growth of the music industry facilitates the concoction of music and festivals. It is an integral part of our culture, which highlights every festival we celebrate nationwide.