Digital Boom in India

Digital Boom in India: What Are the Focal Points to Note?

In the initial days of the growth of software and the World Wide Web, very few thought India to be the next big contender. The growth of Silicon Valley, the most important hub for digital growth in America, focused on the democratisation of information in the first world countries. For countries like India, it was a dream that was still miles away from achieving.

The Growth of Internet and Software in India:

Once the Internet arrived in India, there was no turning back. We pride ourselves on having a consistent workforce who work day and night in information technology. We have outsourced many to the West but never neglected the need to digitally develop our own country. The target reached more impetus with the Digital India campaign.

The Key Achievements of Digital India by Romil Ramgarhia:

In the last decade, we have seen much improvement in digital service provision through the use of the Internet. This has been made possible due to the slashed mobile internet rates by private operators. You can note a considerable amount of success in various fields. These are pointed out below:

  1. DigiLocker: Along with all the technical advancements, DigiLocker has been one of the most significant improvements in India’s digital growth. As the name suggests, you can consider it as a digital locker where you can store your valuable documents. The implementation of Cloud storage has helped it to improve significantly.
  2. Unified Payment Interface (UPI): It is by far one of the most proud success stories that India can boast of. The UPI is a homegrown technology that has changed the scenario of digital payment forever. All you need is a smartphone to pay any amount of money via a QR code. Now, the developers are improving the offline payment facility to improve its reach in rural sectors.
  3. COWIN Portal: The COVID-19 pandemic has been a worldwide challenge, and India was grossly affected by this issue. However, to cater to the vaccine needs and maintain a proper inventory, we developed the COWIN portal. It is an online resource where you can provide all the details to vaccinate yourself and your family members. The development of such a portal within a few days’ notice is really commendable.

These are a few examples of some of the online services that India is currently providing. Thanks to the era of software development, we are observing a transformation of the usual business. The ongoing project has a great future, as the experts like Nandan Nilekani have recently stated that the Indian model is capable of reaching at least 50 years in the next 5 years. He is the founder chairman of the Aadhar project, which was implemented successfully in the country.