AR and VR

How Can AR and VR Become the Game Changer for Future Living?

If you are a keen observer of the modern way of life, you can witness various small changes over the years. We, as a society, have become highly dependent on technology. Technology is an ever-advancing aspect which is aimed to change our lives forever.

The Growth of AR and VR Technology:

In the current times, technology has advanced both businesses and personal lives. If one particular technological advancement is to be named, I will go for AR and VR. Consider it a futuristic visual simulation that can help you in various aspects of life.

How AR and VR Can Help in the Future?

Having been a part of the Indian media industry, I have keenly observed the opportunities of AR and VR Technology. Here, I will share the ways it can potentially change the future of living our daily life.

  • Virtual Shops: You may have heard of online shopping, but have you thought of the possibility of a ‘virtual shop’? With AR or VR, you can imagine it now. Think of a marketplace with a realistic appearance of aisles and sections where you can choose an item of your own. All you need is to put on a VR Goggle and start shopping.
  • Better Healthcare: In the medical field, technological advancement plays a big role in improving patients’ lives. For this reason, we will witness a surge in the usage of VR Devices by medical experts. It allows them to work with interactive and accurately modelled samples. It can be a path breaker in dealing with mental health issues as well.
  • Travelling/Visiting Places: It is one of the useful advantages that can be a blessing for those having jobs with a lot of travelling. You can access different places, participate in meetings, and explore hidden treasures through the help of a VR interface. It has all the potential to make travelling easy for adventure lovers as well.

These are some sectors where I feel the dependency on VR and AR may increase. These have features that can make life leading easier in various ways. You can also enjoy your life to the fullest with a VR Headset or Goggle. However, I feel that VR technology would not be limited to individual benefits. More corporates and businesses will be using this technology for better service and ease of use.