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How Can You Improve Your Problem Solving Abilities As a Leader?

In the last blog series, you have got some insight into managing your money. It has helped a lot of readers, which I have been hearing from your feedback. This time, I wanted to go a little further. In my current series, I would like to talk about a topic that is very close to my heart.

Problem-Solving Abilities as a Leader:

In my next few blogs, you will learn more about some vital leadership skills and lessons. I would like to begin this blog with ways to improve problem-solving abilities as a leader. In the last few years, we have observed that crises come uninvited. A leader should handle these tough times with a calm and empathetic mind.

Romil Ramgarhia Shares Steps to be A Pro in Problem-Solving:

A Leader should always consider the team members first. They are expected to follow a systematic approach to the identification, addressing and redressal of the issue. They need to give a thorough attention that the situation demands.

The steps for addressing and solving the problems are mentioned below:

  • Define the Problem: Clear, succinct addressing of the issue is a vital need to get rid of the imminent issue. As a leader, it is a vital point that you should keep in mind. There may be times when you may perceive the problem but find it hard to define it clearly. This acts as a communication gap and creates confusion among the team members. Once you get a grip on the issue, you will find the underlying reasons and act on them.
  • Check the Assumptions and Biases: It is an issue that may happen to vastly experienced leaders. The experience may lead you to become a victim of your own biases and assumptions. In situations like these, it will be better to take a step back, learn more details, and find out new pathways for solutions.
  • Take Decisive Actions: As a leader, you are expected to set some exemplary work that will act as a guiding light to others. One of the ways to confirm this is to take decisive actions. Make a decision that will lead the whole pack to progress, rather than trying to please one and all. Give a good thought about your decisions, analyse all the aspects, then finally announce it to your team.

With these steps, you will grow bigger and solve your team’s problems perfectly. You will strengthen your position as a leader among other team members. Follow my next blog to get more insights about leadership skills.