How OTT Aggregators Are Becoming the New Age MSO?

When you analyse the trend of content consumption in the past decade, you will witness a concurrent pattern. Viewers have steadily shifted to OTT platforms rather than cable or satellite TV. There are various reasons behind this change, but the most significant among them is the wide range of choices that OTT offers.

What OTT Aggregators Have for Offer?

As a result of this change, you can observe a collusion between OTT platforms and MSOs. The cable and satellite TV operators now offer OTT subscriptions and their current plans. This has led to a more sustainable form of business, reducing the chance of steep competition.

The Size of the OTT Platform Globally:

When seen globally, the size of OTT content has increased significantly in the last year. It has been doubled to 12.6 Billion hours of content, streamed over 2.4 Billion devices. This shows the vast opportunity that an MSO can explore. It would not be wrong to assume that the OTT aggregators will soon become the new-age MSOs.

Ways How OTT Aggregators Are Becoming MSOs:

There are various ways in which OTT platforms are partnering with the TV Channel Conglomerates. Upon analysing these avenues, I found a few observations shared in the following part of the blog.

  • Distribution Partnership: Some businesses have opted to sell multiple OTT subscriptions to clients like a bundle. While it is a practice in trend, the platforms are also open to other avenues of business. You can see an increase in the partnership between the TV Channel and an OTT platform. Some of the big players, like Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar, have carved out a new form of negotiation. They offer free subscriptions to their plans on special broadband and mobile operator’s monthly bills.
  • Offering Multiple Options: Some of the OTT platforms have tied up with corporations that work on similar lines of TV subscriptions. You can term this as a direct competition to the local MSO. If you choose their subscription, you will find vernacular OTT platforms as well. The bundle of OTT subscriptions offered by such platforms is much cheaper than subscribing to them at their actual price.

Upon looking at the situation, it would not be an overstatement to claim that the OTT aggregators are becoming new-age cable TV Operators. The current MSOs need to identify this pattern and offer their customers various additional benefits. They can opt to share the OTT subscription plans along with their TV plans for a sustainable business environment.