Romil Ramgarhia

Movie Theatre to OTT Transformation Through the Eyes of Romil Ramgarhia

Ramgarhia shared his perspective about the OTT vs Movie Theatre. Romil Ramgarhia discussed a few things like the big transformation of theatre to OTT, how covid impacted the film industry, how OTT platforms are on the rise etc.

Nowadays, we have the flexibility to consume content anywhere and anytime. With easy access to various online mediums, it is convenient for us to watch movies and entertainment shows even from the comfort of our home.

OTT platforms allow us to indulge in the fun of movies at the click of a button.

On the other hand, audiences who visit the theatres look beyond just movies. It is a time of relaxation with friends/family, combined with great food and hospitality. The innovative cinematic formats like 3D and 4D attract more people to come and enjoy the same.

During the pandemic, things changed radically. Theatres closed down for an indefinite time, which postponed the release of big-budget movies. Unprecedented times like this favored the rise of OTT platforms. It created a breakthrough in terms of content availability across the globe.

Ramgarhia believes, “Content remains the king as the pipeline continues to diversify in multiple ways. Also movie content should dictate the medium of release. A perfect collaboration of both mediums can be a win-win for the consumers and producers. This will give them the freedom to choose and watch movies.”

Being a digital content producer himself, Ramgarhia believes that both formats (OTT and Theatre) offer diverse USPs and cater to different audiences.

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