Romil Ramgarhia

Romil Ramgarhia’s Views on Metaverse and its Impacts

Creating a virtual reality or an alternate universe was like a distant dream even some years back. The rebranding of Facebook to Meta has changed the perception. There has been a lot of talk on Metaverse, where one can live in a virtual space, like a parallel world.

The past few years have seen a sweeping change. Metaverse is the dream world, and NFT is the new age currency. Soon, we will notice a change in the pattern of living, and virtual reality will play a large role in it.

Metaverse Will Impact All: Romil Ramgarhia

Let’s hear the views of Romil Ramgarhia, a vastly experienced media professional. He has positive predictions about the contributions of metaverse. He says that Metaverse is a huge project and will change our living experience completely. By noticing its trends, he feels that it will engross our day to day life and affect our work and productivity.

Impact of Metaverse, According to Mr Ramgarhia

Mr Ramgarhia also shares his views on how Metaverse will impact us. The fact that AI and VR will dictate the future cannot be ignored. And offering a better living experience, the Metaverse will bring everyone closer. It will eliminate the perception of time and distance.

  • Creation of an Open Work Environment:

    In the Metaverse, employers can create a better work environment. The work climate will be much better, with fewer boundaries, less bias, and better customer experience.

  • Remain Connected 24/7:

    Metaverse is no different from the real world. We can create an avatar that matches all our real-life features. It will be easier to catch up with friends or conduct an important client meeting. The communication trends will change forever.

  • Effective and Quality Work:

    The productivity and quality of work will be much more efficient in the Metaverse. It will impact every industry and create an open communication channel. It will be easier to talk with clients and brief the employees. The approval of the works will also get improved.

  • Make the world a better place:

    Metaverse will make the world a smaller place to live in. The virtual and real world will reduce, and we can have companions from every corner of the world. As a result, the exchange of culture and communication will be much better. We will also become more tolerant to one another.

The virtual world of Metaverse is still in its primary steps. For this reason, the awareness behind this topic is much low. Romil Ramgarhia feels that the Metaverse will be a successful project when we educate people about the benefits and huge opportunities that it bears.


The impact of the Metaverse is largely positive, with a few setbacks. However, Romil says that a highly specialized project is not devoid of initial problems. However, these will get resolved in future development works. Until that, we should not take the Metaverse as a threat. It will play a leading role in changing the course of connection and changing perceptions.