Future of IoT

What Has IoT Got in Store for Us in the Near Future?

In a digitally dependent age, you may observe multiple sectors of improvement of the internet. Online platforms are being used for our own good, with the latest example being IoT or the Internet of Things. Simply put, it is a network between the physical things affixed with software and other modern technologies.

The Rapid Growth of the Internet of Things:

Even a few years back, it was outlandish to imagine that our day-to-day activities could be performed via Internet commands. It has now become a real thing, as multiple gadgets now come with internet connectivity. This is one of the few examples of how far IoT has taken us in the modern world.

The Future of IoT: Observation by Romil Ramgarhia

The range of existing and potential opportunities for IoT is really bright. To understand its effects, it is important to analyse the capability it possesses to change our lives. Below, I make some predictions about the effects of IoT in the future.

  • More Smart Cities Will Emerge: In the future, the spread of IoT will be wide. It is wrong to assume that it will be accessible to general consumers only. These would be preferred by corporates and government entities too. They would resort to automation, which would result in the formation of a number of smart cities. Adopting smart technology would help conglomerates to save a considerable amount of time and money.
  • AI is Here to Grow: AI and IoT are two concepts that are linked with one another. From thermostats to smart home appliances, everything will become much more advanced in the future. They would analyse your preferences and restore them in a cloud-based memory. This will help the devices to provide a seamless service that does not need reprogramming by a developer.
  • Improved Privacy and Security Concerns: It is not far when we will experience the service of 5G Internet. It is much faster than the existing 4G internet, which will foster rapid growth of IoT solutions. As a result, the existing concerns regarding privacy and security in the cyber realm can be addressed faster. This trend will also prevent the devices from getting affected by direct security breaches.

According to my observation, these are the multiple opportunities we will get from IoT in the future. The Internet of Things is here to grow, and before you know it, it will control a significant part of our life. All you need is to observe the rapid change in your life.