Film Dubbing Industry

Why is the Indian Film Dubbing Industry on the Rise Currently?

When you try exploring the trend of film watching in recent years, you might find a constant trend. You will find that most viewers are switching to dubbed regional films. Though all types of Indian languages are trying to make the most of this trend, you will find the Southern States as the ultimate champions.

Most High Grossing Movies Came from Last Year:

Think of the top-grossing films in India from last year. KGF Part 2 was the highest-earning film, sitting on top with a lifetime collection of Rs 1008 Crores. SS Rajamouli’s Magnum Opus RRR was a close competitor but ended their business with an impressive Rs 944 Crores. If you think that this is the number for the regional version, you are wrong. The Hindi dubbed version swept the carpet out of the floor for many big-ticket Bollywood flicks.

Romil Ramgarhia’s Views on Hindi Dubbed Movies:

Now, here is the point where you need to focus more on the viewing trend. The South Indian Industry made Rs 4000 Crores in 2019 compared to Rs 5200 Crores by Hindi films. Cut to 2021, and the picture is absolutely different. The South Indian movies grossed a total collection of 2400 Crores, while Hindi movies had an annual collection of only 800 Crores (Data Source: EY-FICCI Report).

Top Collecting Movies During 2020-22:

Experts in the film industry are of the opinion that film dubbing is the ultimate game changer. The Hindi-dubbed Telugu and Tamil films were some of the highest earners from January 2020 to May 2022. Some important films released during this period are:

  • RRR
  • Pushpa
  • Ponniyin Selvan 1
  • Vikram
  • Kantara
  • Sita Ramam
  • KGF: Chapter 2

Now, when you check the overall collections of all these films, you can understand the size of the business. These films are a great example of Unity in Diversity, the primary philosophy followed in India. It diminishes the socio-cultural boundaries and language barriers.

The Potential for Growth:

According to the forecasts by Film Pundits, the market for dubbed South Indian movies are here to grow. It will face exponential growth in the coming days. Some studies show that half of the Hindi movie collection will come from dubbed movies in the coming days. In 2022, Films like KGF 2, Kantara and RRR accounted for 43% share of the total Hindi movie grossing.

So, all in all, it won’t be wrong to say that the market for dubbed Hindi movies is on the growing side. We are here to watch many more Hindi-dubbed South Indian movies in the coming time. Bollywood films are facing steep competition currently and we would need more Pathaans. But thorough research of plots and audience moods can put them back in competition with these movies.