Romil Ramgarhia’s View: Gaming, A great business opportunity

The online gaming industry has reached a tipping point in popularity. The days of limited sound and pixelated screens have become a distant dream. Gamers today realize that there is a community connection possible through the online screen.

The modern-day creation of video games has developed dramatically. The industry is making progress as the creators try to embed new ideas in building robust gaming consoles. At one time, sinking crores of money into gaming development was beyond anyone’s imagination. Today, the sector is seeing significant growth and evolution.

Reading the Perspective of Romil Ramgarhia

The renowned media professional Romil Ramgarhia shares his own perspective on this trending topic.

As a content producer, I believe that current-day gamers span across all demographics. The rising trend has elevated PC gaming technology. This is how the consumers can multitask, overclock and show better performance. The advent of next-generation compact gaming devices supports online streaming for a long time. Eventually, playing online games now seems as natural as listening to music on Spotify.

Factors like innovation, performance, and technology are driving the gaming content. People and youngsters can connect on a global level and empower their voices. Besides, they benefit from the new job opportunities that branch out of the online gaming industry.

Below, I will mention some data to support the evolution of this industry.

· The tech giant Microsoft estimates there are 2 billion gamers worldwide.

· The industry of online gaming is expected to rise to USD 196 million by 2022.

· At present, it is making revenue of INR 136 billion or $1.80 billion

· As per a study by KPMG, 22.2 crore gamers in India spend 42 minutes per day online

Gaming Startups: A Growth Infrastructure

Investors are now taking a lot of interest in gaming startups. It has witnessed a rise in traffic, thus becoming the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem. The major transition happened after the imposition of the lockdown restrictions last year. As millions of millennials and Gen Z stayed home, the gaming trend gained momentum. The investors also saw this as an excellent opportunity to pour money as the situation stabilized. They found it to be an inflection point with greater investment and consumer traction.

The key driving growth factors for gaming startups are smartphone availability, the IT sector boom, digital payments adoption, foreign investments, and more.

A great example is Dream 11, which introduced multiple gaming entertainment options on the mobile platform. Now, it has an approximate user base of 51 million all over the world.

Get, Set, Go With a Career in Gaming 

A career in gaming is the next big trend of the market.

But it is not for everyone to handle in a smooth manner. The task demands hard work with no fixed working hours. Hence, the requirements are atypical when you compare them to a conventional job position.

Gaming is a topic of discussion among the students’ community. Developers who specialize in programming keep a watchful eye on the latest upgrades. If you are ambitious, you should have a knack for designing and coding. There are professional gamers at the other end of the spectrum who ‘play for a living’. They assist big organizations in testing various games before launching them in the market. This way, they become big gaming brand ambassadors. These ambassadors or gaming influencers are another big market opportunity where gamers can build their own community across Youtube or Facebook and earn revenues. The best thing is that one can earn money while pursuing a hobby also.

This is a great marketing opportunity for brands to embed their content in live gaming sessions to reach younger audiences.

The role of fast internet contributes in manifold ways to the gaming industry. It allows fast download, fast upload, smooth operation, and low latency. More brands are exploring ways to collaborate with gaming companies. It stimulates growth and progress.

I believe that the gaming industry has extreme potential. Online gaming enthusiasts can trust it as a stable source of daily income. You can become a game animator, producer, creative director, etc. If you are a gamer, you can earn more as per your skill and talent. Thus, a career in gaming adds a lot of value to individual qualifications.

Changes in consumer experience are paving the way for immersive gaming. In the coming days, further investments will set forth its growth at a rapid pace with more technological advancements.