Future Models that Can Make Films A Reliable Source of Minting Money

Future Models that Can Make Films A Reliable Source of Minting Money

Cinema in India is not merely a fine form of performing arts. The presence of a large audience and constant fan following has transformed it into a successful industry. Since time immemorial, the success of a particular film depends on its lifetime revenue collection.

Talking About the Film Revenue Models:

The economics of cinema, especially in India, is not an easy topic to diverge on. Multiple strong revenue sources have contributed to making the industry larger. Predominantly, we look at the box office collections. It helps determine a movie’s lifetime collection. However, several complex connections contribute more to the total revenue.

The Primary Revenue Generation Sources for Films:

To give you a clearer idea, I would present the various sources of revenue generation for a film.

  • Box Office Collections: It won’t be an overstatement to term box office collections as the backbone of the Indian film revenue. This includes both domestic and international ticket booking. The revenue generated from each ticket sale is distributed to three individuals. It includes film producers, distributors and exhibitors.


  • Satellite Rights: Broadcasting a film on a particular TV channel adds a significant percentage of revenue. The channels have their own satellite rights, which vary due to different factors. Before the emergence of OTT platforms, it was the second-largest mode of revenue generation.


  • Music Rights: If you thought the film alone generated the whole box collection, you are mistaken. The songs, both audio and video, have their own rights. The individual music labels own them. Nowadays, most music brands upload music on their YouTube channel. This adds to a significant amount of revenue.


  • Digital/OTT Revenues: In the current era, OTT platforms have become the second most important source of revenue generation for Indian films. Producers sell their film rights to individual platforms. This includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hotstar. The Global pandemic has significantly paved the way for OTT distribution.

What the Future Holds for Indian Films:

Considering the revenue generation sources, it would be tough to guess the future models of earning money. An estimate of the upcoming trends would help you understand this. There is a large shift to OTT Platforms, making them a safer bet for the future. However, you cannot rule out the importance of box office collections either.

Overall, we can assume a general prediction. Films are going to be more profitable in the coming days. The popularity of vernacular movies will play a significant role. All the business models will help make our industry larger.