Key Takeaways While Observing the Constant Growth of Indian Music Industry

We spend considerable amounts of time in our daily routine listening or humming to music. As a community, we have a deep-rooted connection with different forms of song and tune. This has contributed to our general liking of music today.

The Constant Growth of the Indian Music Industry:

From film albums to radio stations and now online streaming apps, our relationship with music has travelled a long way. Thanks to increased internet penetration, we have also encountered several regional music industries. Overall, we can proudly assert that this era is the most important for the growth of music in India.

What Do We Have in Store for Music as a Business Model?

While our music is finally gaining global recognition (with the recent Oscar accolade for the Telugu song ‘Naatu Naatu’), there are some factors to weigh in. Below, you can find an in-depth analysis of the trends that have contributed to the success of our music industry.

Collaboration with International Producers: An interesting pattern can be observed if we look at the most popular songs of the past few years. Like the immensely popular K-pop music band, Indian songs have unique chord progressions and melody changes. This makes current Indian songs a favourite for many International producers. So, don’t be surprised if you find AP Dhillon touring with Beyoncé or Taylor Swift in the coming years.

Taking Help of AI: If you explore social media, you will receive a flurry of AI-created songs. Some of them are even blended with the voices of prominent personalities. This has made India one of the leaders in creating music with some help from Artificial Intelligence. The musicians view AI positively, which can enhance the listening experience.

Indian Hip-Hop Gaining Global Prominence: In industrial terms, the ability to retain listeners is known as audience retention. Modern streaming apps allow you to easily count the figures, like listening time and repeat plays. This has revealed an interesting observation: Indian hip-hop has the highest audience retention rate. This means hip-hop artists have a more loyal audience base. As a result, you can observe the gradual growth of the Indian hip-hop industry.

As you can find out, the music industry is slowly becoming a cash cow in the Indian subcontinent. With global recognition and increased retention, future opportunities are golden. As the former COO of BARC, I won’t be surprised if the music industry becomes dominant in future branding and marketing exercises.